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Kevin Dunlap has been working in the real estate arena since 2002 after reading the book Cash Flow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki.  This book was a huge influence on him and is what got him started in buying homes and small apartment complexes.  Later on, this would be the start of why he calls himself the Creative Agent.

In 2004 Kevin moved from Wilmington, NC to Las Vegas, NV and this started an entirely new whirlwind of events.

In 2012 Kevin obtained his Las Vegas REALTORS® helping people to purchase or sell homes.  Currently, he is working at TR Realty.

The Lease Option

Kevin was fascinated with lease options when he lived back in North Carolina.  His main real estate agent convinced him that they would not work.  However, he was convinced that this was a great tool.

In July 2004, Kevin and his Las Vegas REALTOR® created a program that would help people who could not qualify for a purchase of a home to get into homes that through a lease option.  This was during the strong appreciation market that was sweeping most of the country.

The Lease Option was a great tool and is still a great tool today for people who want to buy but cannot due to credit or financing issue.  This was the catalyst which makes Kevin a truly creative agent.

Writing a Book

Lease Options Made EasyKevin has connected tenant/buyers with landlord/sellers since 2004 to the present day on a lease option.  He estimates he has completed over 400 of them to this day.  He proudly says he did 53 of them (more than one per week) in 2011.

In 2015, Kevin released a book on the subject called Lease Options Made Easy: Buying a Home with Little, No, or Bad Credit.



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Do you still have questions on how a lease option works?  Check out our FAQs  or contact me directly.

Lease Options FAQs

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Seller Financing

A second area Kevin specializes is in the area of seller financing (often poorly called owner financing).

In this process, a buyer is actually buying a home where the seller is becoming the bank for the loan.

This is a great process for people who have money but don’t have the ability to qualify for some reason.  Those reasons can be credit or they could mean an investor who has too many homes already financed through the convention process.

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Do you still have questions on how seller financing works?  Check out our FAQs or contact me directly.

Seller Financing FAQs

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