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Buyer’s Agent (a.k.a. the Selling Agent)

Getting KeysBuying a home is a huge investment.  This is either as an investor or as an owner occupant.  It is more than how the home fits your needs, it is also about the monetary investment.

Kevin looks at every situation as if you were buying the home as an investor.  Even if you are going to live in the home this is still a huge investment.  He feels that you should not potentially waste time and money on a home that may not appraise or may need too much work.

With every comparable analysis, Kevin can show you in an instant if the deal may potentially be a good one or not.  If it has the potential to be a good one then further analysis will be needed.  If it shows that it doesn’t then it may be best to search for a different home.

With many years helping people buy homes Kevin has the knowledge and expertise to help you realize the American Dream … homeownership.

If you are on the cusp of possibly buying but cannot buy for some reason then Kevin has the ability to use some of his creative buying techniques and still get you into that same home.  This is when he can become a Creative Agent.

If you happen to be in a unique situation where you are a Cannabis employee then you may want to look at the Cannabis Agent.

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Kevin has written a number of Articles on things a buyer needs to know before purchasing a home.  Here is a direct link to those Home Buyer Articles.


Kevin A Dunlap, REALTOR, Las Vegas, NVAs an agent, you need to have your finger on the market and know what is currently going on in the market.

This is easily done when you have all of your tools available and have a good understanding of how to read the data.  This data can easily shift in a few months or even a few weeks.

Having a strong analytical background and a degree in applied mathematics makes Kevin a unique person to analyze this data.

Kevin got started in real estate in 2002 as an investor.  After moving to Las Vegas in 2004 he began to be a real estate consultant.  In 2012 he received his real estate license and also became a Nevada REALTOR®.

Kevin also has an A+ Accredited Business with the Las Vegas Better Business Bureau.

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