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A New Decade – A New Path

A New Decade – A New Path

The New Decade Starting Year 2020

Over the past couple of years, I have been toying with the idea of starting on a new path.  Leaving the sale, purchase, and lease option of real estate has been an idea that is not new to me.  With the year 2020 just starting out it is time for me to make a change.

The Years that Were

After dealing with unscrupulous people who would take advantage of others for their own financial benefit became very apparent when I was starting to recover from my stroke back in May 2018.

The Lease Option Years

I started my path in Las Vegas in 2004 by running an investment and consultation company primarily focusing on the elusive area known as a Lease Option.  I became so emersed in this one specific area that I wrote a book, Lease Options Made Easy, which was published in early 2015.

Specializing in the area of lease options, and eventually seller financing, helped many owners and potential buyers to realize the dream of homeownership.  As a side note, I had one buyer who was just starting a business get into his first home.  He later purchased the home leading him to do a lease option on his second home and then eventually into a multi-million dollar home a couple of years later.   Although this is a rarity, it does show that the process can work if you are focused and motivated.

The Recent Years

Becoming know as the “lease option guy” or the “lease option REALTOR®” was quite fun.  Many other agents would refer their clients to me since they were not too savvy on how to set up an option or even how to put together a contract.

During the aforementioned years, I would advertise “bad credit okay” to attract lease option candidates.  In a lease option, there is the option payment, which is typically 3 – 5% of the purchase price of the home.  You can read a number of articles on the subject in my articles section.

Due to stating that “bad credit was ok” meant other websites trying to collect money from potential renters would use my name as one of their contact people.  Thus, now I am getting a lot of phone calls from people with bad credit and no money to put down toward a security deposit, much less an option payment toward the purchase of a home.  This problem would cause multiple phone calls per week going over two years.  Thus, a lot of phone calls from unqualified buyers and unqualified renters.

New Path

I started on a new path separately from real estate back in 2014.  It was in the area of public speaking, entrepreneur coaching, and inspirational speaking.

In 2016 I wrote my second book, Designing Your Own Destiny.  This was my first book in the personal development sector.  It took an entire year to write, edit, design, and publish.

This book inspired me to start speaking on different aspects where I talk about finding out what your true passions are and then creating a business around it.

In early 2019 I came out with my third book, The Winner’s Code.  This was on a subject based on creating a Winner’s Mindset.  The book broke this down into the three main areas of life: personal, career, and as an entrepreneur.

Following the New Path

I now had three books published.  The first on real estate and two more on personal development and inspiration.

Starting in October 2017 I started a podcast where I would interview other entrepreneurs or people of interest with a message.  The podcast lasted a year with 59 guests.  This podcast, Life’s Little Lessons, can be found on my speaking/coaching website where I interviewed people from all over the world including Russia, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and many other places.

With the release of two books and having an international podcast has shown me that starting with the year 2020 must become very clear.  It must be 20/20 clear.

What Does All of This Mean?

For me, the first day of the year 2020 means that I will be taking down my REALTOR® license and fully immersing myself in other pursuits.

As far as the real estate world I will still be involved as a speaker and consultant.  I will no longer be the person who opens doors, writes contracts, or closes escrow.  I will be the one who you may contact to inspire your agents, teach both buyers and sellers on different real estate techniques, and motivates people in general.

All Good Things…

As with any good beginnings, there must also be a good ending.  In the very popular TV series named Seinfield, Jerry Seinfeld and the writers knew that it would be best to leave the series when the show was at the top of its ratings.  They did not want to end when the show had plummeted and had to be canceled by the network.

Much like that show, it is time for me to bid farewell to the real estate game.  It has been a fun ride.

I will see you the next time from the stage.

“All good things must come to an end.” – Geoffrey Chaucer

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Kevin A Dunlap

Kevin Dunlap is an author, podcaster, speaker and a licensed Nevada REALTOR® since September 2012. He has been involved in real estate since buying his first investment property in February 2002. He has also owned two small apartment complexes. He has specialties in creative real estate deals such as lease options and seller financing, as well as the normal purchase or sale of homes, condos, and townhouses. Kevin also has a team to help people who are employed in the Cannabis industry to buy homes, too.

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