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Becoming the Expert

Becoming the Expert

Creative Real Estate

Getting Started

Since getting started in real estate I have often gravitated toward the more creative side than your typical buying and selling of real estate.
I feel if you are pushing the envelope a little that you can stay ahead of the game. This started in January 2004 when I first moved to Las Vegas.  The real estate market was incredible, to say the least, at that time.
My first few months I worked with 6 out-of-town investors working on finding people in distress (yes people were in distress back then), getting the home, and then seeking it on a seller-financed note.
This only lasted a few months before the group disbanded. I was left a bit out to dry but it was a much-needed step I need.
Without them, I never would have moved to the little city in the desert and it opened my mind to think out of the box. Within weeks I was back out and started to do lease option deals with a local Realtor.
At that time, we would find buyers who were unable to purchase at that time.  Then we would help them find a home for sale and then I would write up the offer in my name.  Then I would find an investor who I could “assign” it to.  There are a lot of advantages the investor had in this type of deal.
At that time there was huge appreciation and we would mark up the home to give an investor a nice cushion.

Adapting to Change

When the market changed and we no longer had 25-50% appreciation I had to change with it.  I was no longer working with that Realtor but did find another one to work with.
This led to working with another company who did lease options and we would cross-promote each other homes. We were working together for the best 4-way win. A true Winner’s Mindset.
For years I helped both investors and would-be home buyers hey into a home.

Becoming a Realtor

Many times a client would come to me who may not be able to afford a home and I would have to send them to Realtor who did rentals. Other times they were actually qualified to buy and it is best for them to be referred to a Realtor who would help them buy a home.
After 2 or 3 years of deliberating, I finally decided on early 2012 to get my license and became a real estate agent and Realtor in August 2012.  I worked both as a typical classical agent, then as a creative agent, and then filling a need as a Cannabis agent.

Solving A Need

The whole lease option came from finding people who had a need and there was nobody who could help.
In December 2018, I found yet another challenge people were having.  People who, and I jokingly yet seriously say this, were being discriminated against because of their… job.
I was totally unaware of this before this time. It was one of those”I didn’t know that I didn’t know” kind of problem.
It was that people who work in the Cannabis industry cannot today get traditional financing.  You may then say, “why not?”.
The reason has nothing to do with that it is legal in the state of Nevada (and a few other states). It is because it is not legal on the federal level and banks are federally insured. Banks are very concerned at providing insurance on an account for an employee who works in an industry that is still federally illegal.
Thus, many banks won’t let them open a checking or savings account much less finance then a mortgage.

Fulfilling a Need

As a Realtor, my job is to help people in buying or selling a home. I have nothing to do with the financing process.
Because of the needs of the one client had me and one of my lenders at a stalemate… until the lender found a lending institution who would do these types of deals.
Now with this problem solved all we need to do is to find the people who work in this industry who are also wanting to purchase a home.

Becoming the Expert

Being the go-to person is how one can help solve the most problems.
If you are in the cannabis industry or know someone that is then this may be the answer to the problem that they may have.
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Kevin A Dunlap

Kevin Dunlap is an author, podcaster, speaker and a licensed Nevada REALTOR® since September 2012. He has been involved in real estate since buying his first investment property in February 2002. He has also owned two small apartment complexes. He has specialties in creative real estate deals such as lease options and seller financing, as well as the normal purchase or sale of homes, condos, and townhouses. Kevin also has a team to help people who are employed in the Cannabis industry to buy homes, too.

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